Translation agency workflow

 In our everyday life we seldom get into situations that require going to a translation agency, searching online to get a quote or asking our friends and acquaintances for a recommendation of a trusted agency.

 Imagine this day has come! And you are totally under pressure searching Google or Facebook for a reliable, inexpensive and nice looking translation company to cover your needs.
It's needless to say that each and every agency on the web will be more than happy to fulfill your request and deliver the translation on time and in fine fashion. The same goes for offline companies in your neighborhood.

 And now you're left with a bunch of questions. Where should I go? Which agency is better? How to start? And it's just the beginning of the list... Please stop it! Right now! :-)

 Remember one thing - you are a client. You are the client!
Everything in our world (of translators) revolves around you. So just keep calm and enjoy the experience.

 You can choose almost any company providing translation and related services. There are exceptions, but normally it's difficult to encounter poor service and improper attitude.

 Depending on the size, location, features, brand and many other characteristics of an agency you may get a higher or lower quote, that is the price you'll have to pay in the end. And approach, which can be rather individual which is typical for smaller companies, or you may find yourself spinning in the whirl of a large agency delivering hundreds of translations a day. Guess, you shouldn't expect a cup of hot chocolate and a butter cookie there. However, you never know :-)
We recommend using the services of the companies that fit your needs and expectations the most.

 Webtrans Translations belongs to the list of smaller companies that are more flexible than gigantic corporations. And we aim to leave it that way. No matter how many clients we get - 100 or 100,000 - we do what we love and love what we do. It's when the trip itself is more important than the final destination.

 In the title we intended to explain the mechanism of a translation company. So here's a simple scheme every agency - big and small - should stick to.
  • The client comes to a translation service provider with a source text in hard copy (documents, books, copies of the text from other sources) or sends in files with source text (sound) in electronic format;
  • The manager/translator meets the client and defines the complexity/field of expertise for this task to be delivered to its best;
  • The client gets an estimation of the total price and, if he/she feels comfortable with it, the prepayment is being provided;
  • The manager appoints the task (order) to the most appropriate translator in the field;
  • The translation is being done and delivered to the proofreader who checks the consistency, grammar, punctuation and other details of the text;
  • The result is being delivered to the client in the agreed form.
 You see, there is nothing difficult about that. However, it's extremely important for the work to be done by professionals. A successful translation agency is similar to a running car. Which is rather simple to understand, but not that easy to construct from scratch.

 This has been an easy and simplified example which lacks precision, but was intended to be like that. There are different ins and outs that have to be considered by the management for the agency to become successful. And we don't want to bore you with that.
The truth is that we are always ready to help you - provide impeccable translation services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Have a great day!
Ruslan Polishchuk